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"36 People and 1 Crow"

Acrylic paint on canvas

16" x 16" x 1"


This is an original painting by Mr Hooper of Nashville, Tennessee. It is a depiction of a single Crow perched on a branch that is floating in the air, not attached to any tree. In the background are 36 cartoon human faces. These faces are muted with shades of red orange and yellow. The painting in the background is applied rather haphazardly and is allowed to drip down the on canvas. However, the crow is rendered very tightly in contrast to the background.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

36 People and 1 Crow" - Original painting by Mr Hooper of Nashville, Tennessee


Shipping for this painting is free within the continental United States. For other destinations the buyer pays the actual shipping cost.

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