Crows? What's up with these all these crow paintings? Well, my painting studio is in my home and the table where I paint is situated by a window where I can view out onto my front yard. A few years ago, I noticed a group of crows showed up every morning at about the same time. I became fascinated watching these birds in my yard every morning. Certainly crows are mysterious and some people find them macabre, but they are really very intelligent and charismatic. I began to image all sorts of stories for this murder of crows that visited me daily. The real fascination came when I started painting the crows. The challenge was to paint the birds in a way where they did not just look like a black silhouette. As I observed the crows in my yard and looked at detailed photos online, I could see all the subtle shades of blue, purple, red, gray and white within the mass of inky black feathers. It has been one of my favorite discoveries of the last few years.