Billy the Preacher - Original painting by Mr Hooper of Nashville Tennessee


"Billy the Preacher"
Acrylic paint on canvas
6" x 8" x 1.5"
Ready to hang

This is an original painting by Mr. Hooper of Nashville, Tennessee. It is a depiction of a bunny dressed in clothing that is reminiscent of a southern preacher from the late 1800's to early 1900's. If you notice the background, you will see a country church off in the distance. The subject, "Billy the Preacher," is surrounded by grass, trees and a creek. This preacher has two books in his hand. You can see that one book is titled "Dogma" and the other "Catma."

Probably about a year ago, Billy observed that preachers didn't seem to work all that much. Heck, they got up and rambled on for about an hour once a week and, as far as Billy could tell, that was about it. To Billy, a preacher's life sure as heck beat the life he was leading as a carrot farmer. So he decided to give it a shot. Somebody told him that he should read up on the dogma of the church. Billy figured he would study the dogma, but also the catma just to be sure. You know, cover all his bases.

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